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As our lifestyles become increasingly dependent on technology, we spend more and more hours on a wide variety of digital devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Using these devices requires us to adjust our vision to near and intermediate distance more often than in the past. e-LIFE series can aid you to lead more comfortable digital lifestyle.

About e-LIFE series

I see my digital world clear and better

Recommended for: For those who constantly uses digital devices


A wider intermediate progressive lens for digital lifestyle

Recommended for: PAL wearers who use digital devices most of the day


The perfect enhanced intermediate vision lens for home and office

Recommended for: Wearers multi-tasking in indoor situations whether at home or at work

SeeCoat Blue on Transitions®

Automatic contrast improvement in any light conditions

Recommended for: Digital device users who spend time indoors as much as outdoors

SeeCoat Blue UV

Blue light control technology & full UV protection

Recommended for: Computer and digital device users and for those wanting an optimal UV protection

Online Wide

The perfect extended near vision lens for near activities

Recommended for: Wearers who want to upgrade from reading glasses or use as a complementary pair

Relaxsee Neo

Lenses for eyestrain relief

Recommended for: Wearers whose eyes feel tired after prolonged use of eyeglasses