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SEE Series

For almost a century, Nikon has made advances in the field of lens technology. See Series represents the top end premium product line of ophthalmic lenses and coatings. See Series is a concentration of Nikon technology, all lenses are custom made with double side aspheric design.

SeeCoat Blue UV

Blue light control technology & full UV protection

Recommended for: Computer and digital device users and for those wanting an optimal UV protection

SeeCoat Plus UV

Advanced clear protection technology

Recommended for: For those who want the ultimate in lens protection.

SeeCoat Next

Coming Soon!

Recommended for:

SeeMax Power

Custom made dual power progressive design lens

Recommended for: Wearers seeking the best optical performance, customized to their visual needs.

SeeMax Master

Dual Power Aberration Control Progressive Lenses

Recommended for: Those who want the best

SeeMax Infinite

Double side custom made single vision lens

Recommended for: Those who want the best and only the best. Ideal for those with strong prescriptions, astigmatism and contact lens wearers.

SeeMax Ultimate

Nikon’s most advanced progressive lens - bespoke to each wearer with the all-new vision insights and SeeMax technology

Recommended for: Those seeking the ultimate optical performance to make their visual experience even more powerful and personal.

SeeCoat Bright

Brightening your vision in any condition

Recommended for: Those who want maximum lens protection as well as brighter and more vivid colour perception at night or in dim light conditions.