Fashion Tints

Customize your eye look with a range of lens colors without compromising vision quality.

Nikon lenses are available in darker tints for sunwear use, but they also come in a large palette of lightly tinted lenses that you can combine with your frames to create a one-of-a-kind look.

You can choose original lens colors to be adapted to vintage or unique frames, or you can simply select a light tint to add a statement to your everyday eyeglasses.

However, it’s important to know that not all tinted lens cut harmful UV rays – for a safe choice, seek the advice of an eye care practitioner.

In addition to looking great in combination with frames, tinted lenses can be chosen to help make your skin and eyes look healthy and clearer:

The color zone A

  • Covers dark and puffy eyes
  • Makes skin look good and healthy
  • Is a natural color which is very close to skin color

The color zone B

  • Reduces reddish color around the eyes
  • Reduces visibility of bloodshot eyes
  • Makes the white of eyes appear clearer

The color zone C

  • Adds a warm and healthy glow
  • Makes sunken eyes appear firmer
  • Improves the appearance of tired eyes

The color zone D

  • Reduces yellowish color around the eyes
  • Makes skin look clearer
  • Covers swollen eyelids

Tinted lenses frequently offer additional eye protection and health benefits such as:

  • Protection from sunlight and UV rays (but remember that even dark tinted lenses might not cut UV rays properly, and that clear lenses can offer full-time UV protection: for a safe choice, seek the advice of an eye care practitioner)

  • Protection from harmful blue light from digital devices

  • Improved contrast to see things more clearly

The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.
Visit an eyecare professional and ask about the best lens for you.

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