I have a strong correction or astigmatism: when wearing my glasses, lines often look distorted

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • When I’m looking at a grid, the lines look curved and difficult to see.

  • I often make mistakes when using computer spreadsheet programs because I can’t see properly.

  • I can see well in the center of my lenses, but not on the sides.

Astigmatism often makes the lines on a grid appear to be different.

Astigmatism means that the eye needs a correction specifically in one direction, so for instance when looking at a grid or a spreadsheet on a computer, the horizontal and vertical lines do not look equally sharp.

Even if you don’t suffer from astigmatism but have a strong correction power, in ordinary lenses this strong power can result in an astigmatic aberration. This causes the same distorted feeling when you look at the sides of your vision field.

The Nikon lenses that fit your needs

Nikon has developed a dual-side aspheric single-vision lens that is custom-made and calculated for each prescription, providing a high-accuracy correction for people with astigmatism and strong lens powers.

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