I want better lenses for golfing

Are these situations familiar to you?

  • When putting, I can’t see the shape of the green very well.

  • My eyes feel tired after I spend some time golfing.

  • I feel that I would score better if my vision were sharper.

Better contrast by cutting blue light can help your golfing

There’s nothing better than golfing on a sunny day. But while the sunlight may make you feel good, it’s not helping your golfing vision. The blue rays in the sunlight are scattered by the air particles, resulting in a kind of light haze. This makes it more difficult for golfers to distinguish the different shades of green that indicate the surface of the green.

By using lenses to improve your vision contrast, you might get a better score card as well as a more relaxing golf experience.

The Nikon lenses that fit your needs

Brown tinted lenses bring contrast improvement to golfers in bright sunlight conditions. Nikon offers 3 kinds of brown filtering lenses that can fit the needs of golfers for light control:

  1. Fixed tint lenses offer the widest variety of shades and tint density, adapted to your taste.
  2. Fixed tint lenses with a polarized filter offer superior contrast vision, but can sometimes be too dark when the sun isn’t very bright.
  3. Transitions variable tint lenses darken depending on light intensity outdoors but offer the comfort and convenience of becoming clear indoors.

Additionally, these tints can be combined with Seecoat Blue (to filter blue rays). Primarily developed to serve the needs of computer users, this blue-filtering coating will also provide additional contrast enhancement outdoors to improve your golfing experience even more.

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