I want protection from sunlight at a moment’s notice

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • When I go out golfing, I always carry my regular glasses and my sunglasses, but it’s not practical to have to change from one pair to the other all the time.

  • When I commute to the office in the morning, my eyes hurt because of the strong sunlight.

  • I have prescription sunglasses but I frequently forget them when I go out, so I end up exposing my eyes to strong sunlight and UV rays.

Be ready for any situation with Transitions photochromic lenses

Whenever you step into bright light, your lenses can become darker. And when you head back inside, they’ll return to crystal-clear. Thanks to Transitions technology, magic does exist.

Transitions lenses are activated by the UV rays of sunlight so that they darken outside in sunlight conditions, and then clear up inside automatically – so your eyes are always kept in the most comfortable light.

These lenses make a 2-in-1 solution that is very efficient but also very practical: you won’t risk forgetting them when you need them most.

The Nikon lenses that fit your needs

Nikon has selected Transitions, the world’s leading brand in photochromic lenses, in order to bring you lenses that are fast-changing and dark enough in the sun to provide a truly comfortable solution.

Combined with the sharp optical designs of Nikon, Nikon Transitions lenses will provide you with a superior level of comfort that you’ll enjoy every day. Nikon Transitions lenses also filter harmful UV rays as well as glare, keeping your eyes well-protected.

Nikon Transitions lenses are available in various materials and designs to fit all correction needs, both at near and at far.

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