I want the best possible lenses for driving

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • When I drive in the evening, the sun is always lower than my car’s sun visor, which makes it extremely hard to see.

  • When I drive on sunny days, I’m distracted by the strong light reflection on the road’s surface and on my dashboard.

  • I have sunglasses that I use for driving, but they have no eye correction so I don’t see very clearly at a distance when I wear them.

Have you tried sunglasses adapted to your eyesight?

When driving, proper vision is not only a matter of comfort, but also safety.
Not being able to see clearly because of the sun’s glare can create a dangerous situation. But switching out your normal glasses for non-prescription sunglasses while driving isn’t responsible either.

The best solution is a pair of sunglasses that also correct your vision. They’re perfect to keep in your car so you can switch them out with your normal glasses at a moment’s notice.

When choosing your sunglass lenses, remember that too-dark lenses limit your vision in the shade, and aren’t recommended for driving. Also, the lens tint should be color-balanced so your color perception of traffic lights remains unchanged.

The lenses that fit your needs

Nikon offers a wide range of tinted lenses to create your perfect pair of corrective driving sunglasses. Nikon polarized lenses filter light selectively, providing very comfortable protection against glare. whileThey also enhancing the contrast that reinforces the sharpness of your vision, making them ideal for driving.

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The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.
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