My eyes get tired when using a computer

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • I don’t have trouble reading small print, however when I use a computer, my eyes get tired easily.

  • After using a computer for a few hours, it gets so difficult to focus that I often feel my eyes tear up.

  • I need to look at screens all day for work. When I come back home in the evening, I feel exhausted.

Using a computer asks a lot of your eyes.

By spending hours each day in front of a computer screen, it’s common to experience digital eye strain. Your eyes need to constantly readjust their position to maintain focus on your screen, which can put stress on the eye muscles. Over time, this can cause muscular fatigue and irritation.

Unlike printed paper, screen images are made of tiny dots. The eye strains to focus on these dots and rebuild a continuous image. Modern screens are now lit by LED, a technology which contains a lot of blue light that is easily scattered and reduces contrast. It can cause eyes to blink less and become irritated.

If you have existing vision conditions such as uncorrected refractive error, the use of digital devices can intensify your discomfort. If you use a computer or other digital devices extensively, it’s important to have your vision checked regularly by a professional so you can choose lenses that give the sharpest possible vision.

The Nikon lenses that fit your needs

Visit your optician to make sure that you do not suffer from presbyopia, a common age-related condition that makes it difficult to see clearly up close. If your problem is simply eye fatigue, Nikon Relaxsee lenses can offer some much-needed relief.

Nikon Relaxsee PC

Specially developed for screen users, this lens is recommended if you spend more than one hour per day in front of a screen.


Nikon Relaxsee Neo

If you aren’t a frequent computer user, or if your eye fatigue is not specific to computer usage, look into general-use Nikon Relaxsee products which also offer comfort and relief to eyes.


Nikon NCC Blue

Available as an option on all Nikon lenses, NCC Blue protects your eyes from the strong blue light rays emitted by modern screens.

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