Nikon eyeglasses all over the world are calculated and optimized by NODE, Nikon Optical Design Engine, in Japan to give the best customized vision.

The most precise calculation, Nikon Optical design Engine

Nikon is present in many fields related to optics. From cameras & microscope to ophthalmic lenses and steppers used to make semiconductors.

NODE, Nikon Optical Design Engine, is specialized calculation engine developed by Nikon, that focuses solely on the calculation of optical surfaces. It is used by Nikon for its research and development of cameras and other precision equipment, as well as the live calculation of ophthalmic lenses.

Why do you need unique eye glasses?

Nikon ophthalmic lenses are not manufactured using the traditional way. They use a digital process in which the lens surface is generated pint by pint, like a 3D object, by taking all parameters into account so as to personalize and customize the optical surface for each wearer, for optimal comfort and vision performance.

1. Your eyes are unique

Your vision has millions of possible ways in which it can be adjusted.

40 for far vision blurriness X [16 x 179] for far vision distortion X 13 for near vision accommodation X 2 for right or left eye

= 2,978,560 possibilities for your eyes


2. Your frame is unique

Your frame has unique parameters which plans an important role in vision perception. Taking the shape and parameters of your frame significantly improves your lens quality.

3. Your lifestyle is unique

People with different lifestyles need different types of lenses.

How does Nikon design unique eye glasses for you?

1. Eye exam

Your eye care professional collects more than 12 design parameters that will be used to calculate your lens design. More than 12 parameters are used to calculate your lens.

2. Sent to Japan

The data is sent by internet to the Nikon R&D headquarters in Japan.

3. Nikon R&D

NODE, Nikon Optical Design Engine is a computer specialized in optics. It is used for two things; the Research & Development of Nikon products and the live calculation of Nikon ophthalmic lenses.

4. Local factory makes the lens

Nikon lenses are surfaced using a diamond tip, cutting the lens point by point. This process generates lenses 6 times more precisely than standard surfacing.


5. Delivery

Your glasses pass through more than 15 different processes including frame optimization, calculation, coating and quality check before reaching your favorite frame.