Nikon Lite with VIEWFIT

Single Vision Digital Design

Recommended for: Wearers that require a lens to suit their unique style

Sunwear frames, as well as some designer's frames, have very specific wearing conditions. They are sometimes sitting at an unusual position on the wearer's face, and curved frames require high base curve lenses to keep their aesthetics. Fitting a standard lens on such frames can create aberrations and distortions, resulting in a blurred vision for the wearer. It can also damage the aesthetics of the eyewear. Recognizing this, Nikon offers the Viewfit option on its designs. Viewfit reduces special wear conditions induced aberrations by taking many parameters into account when calculating the lens surface.


  • Taking into account all parameters
  • Sharper vision all around
  • Less distortions in the periphery
  • Wider usable area on your lens
  • Better aesthetics for tinted and polarizing lenses
  • Better aesthetics

Performance comparison between standerd lens and viewfit

Main custom fitting parameters

Variable inset and parameter performance

Better Aesthetics With Base Curve Matching

<p>Standard aspheric lens with wrap frame</p>

Standard aspheric lens with wrap frame

<p>Nikon lens with VIEWFIT option and wrap frame</p>

Nikon lens with VIEWFIT option and wrap frame