Custom made dual power progressive design lens

RECOMMENDED FOR : Wearers seeking the best optical performance, customized to their visual needs.
DESIGN - Double Aspheric


SeeMax Progressive's optical performance has been greatly improved compared to conventional progressive lens. Using the "Nikon Optical Design Engine", very precise calculation software, Nikon is able to calculate very complicated optical surface and allows optical performance to be maximized for every wearer whatever the prescription.

  • Dynamic design for all presbyopes
  • Recommended for high astigmatism

High precision from every point of view

3D Progressive Surface

Working distance taken into account providing the widest intermediate and near vision

3D Optimum Lens Shape Design

Right & Left lens thickness and weight balanced for better cosmetic appeal

3D Aberration filter

Minimize distortions, maximize control over the whole surface of the lens

Unprecedented Wide Distance Vision

SeeMax Progressive's 3D aberration filter surface significantly minimizes aberrations and distortions. It allows visual quality improvement within all areas of vision.

SeeMax Progressive takes into consideration of working distance and prescription when designing the lens. The near vision area is set according to each wearer, providing a wider vision from intermediate to near.